Have you told your MP why #PubsMatter to you?

Hospitality venues across the UK need the Government to take urgent action. Find all the ways you can support the campaign by clicking the button below, and lend your voice to calls for change.

So what do pubs need?

Hospitality is facing a time of crisis, with the aftershocks of the pandemic still being felt and new threats to the trade coming from spiraling costs and bills.

We’d like to see Government introduce an energy bills price cap for pubs and social clubs, grant support for increased costs, cancellation of Business Rates for this year, and a significant draught beer and cider duty cut for pubs.

It’s also vital that consumers can afford to support the pub, social clubs, and brewers that matter to them, so we’re asking for a reduced VAT rate for the sector too. 

#PubsMatter is a campaign about why pubs, taprooms, social clubs and hospitality venues across the UK are a force for good. We want to shout from the rooftops about why #PubsMatter to people and communities, and make sure they get the support they need from Government.